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Miss Ellie's

Miss Ellie's Kenya AA Single Cups

Miss Ellie's Kenya AA Single Cups

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Miss Ellie's Kenya AA Single Cups bring you the best of Kenya with a superior cup of coffee. Our single-serve convenience and sustainable design make it easy to enjoy the highest-quality cup of Kenyan coffee. The combination of aromas and tasting notes make it a dependable favorite every time!

Miss Ellie's Kenya AA Single Cups are not just any ordinary cup of joe; they are crafted with pride by passionate farmers who treat their craft as if it were an art. Each sip will deliver rich notes of fruit, without any added sugar, leaving you with wonderfully aromatic flavors that intricately dance through your taste buds. Our smooth, never bitter coffee is extracted rapidly yet carefully to preserve those sweet tastes from our Central African beans.

Take a sip and find yourself lost in fragrant fruity undertones met by a hint of spice. It’s an invigorating take on your daily coffee consumption that leaves you smiling every time.

Whether you are rushing out for work or spending the morning savoring your brew, Miss Ellie's Kenya AA Single Cups bring together the high-quality taste from our African roots directly to your home —from seedling to final savoring—in every cup.

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