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Miss Ellies is a family-owned and operated coffee business shipping all kinds of coffee and coffee beans. There are many varieties of coffees, flavored coffees, coffee beans, and teas to fit everyone’s taste. Miss Ellie’s coffee and coffee cakes are the best.

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Miss Ellie has her own line of coffee, Miss Ellie’s Coffee, and the next thing she wanted was direct involvement in choosing the blends that would bear her name. As with everything Ellie does, she is passionate and meticulous in the selection process, working closely with her roaster, traveling to out-of-the-way places, tasting, and reflecting on it.

Miss Ellie says “Our purpose is to make a smile with every sip”. The coffees I choose for Miss Ellie’s will definitely make you smile. Our vision is to put a ‘Real Cup’ in every home.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed: We promise you a large selection, great service and “a smile in every sip”.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the springtime, on your back deck early in the morning, drinking your favorite blend of hot coffee. You are listening to the birds sing, (Sip), take in the aroma of that first cup. It could be your vision, is to be cuddled up with your spouse, talking and drinking your favorite dark roast coffee or green tea early in the morning. Okay, okay. We know it’s a stretch, but just imagine, believe in the magic of a cup of coffee. This dream can come true every day.

Coffee has been a stable for hundreds of years in south America and Europe until, the rest of the world has discovered the comfort, enjoyment of sipping your favorite brew. We just do it better.

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