Collection: Miss Ellie's Coffee Cakes

Miss Ellie's Coffee Cake 

Miss Ellie's famous coffee cakes are delicious.  Miss Ellie, the creator of a line of coffees that are true Southern delights, conjuring up memories of endless days on the porch swing, watching the branches of ancient oaks swaying to and fro in a cool summer breeze.

There’s something so special about Miss Ellie’s Coffee that people across the country have ordered her very special coffees, 

According to the founder of Miss Ellie’s Coffee, each of her coffees is meant to set the mood for the day. Whether you’re about to dash out the door to work or fixing’ to sit a spell on the porch, a good cup of coffee – Miss Ellie’s Coffee – will put you in the right frame of mind.

One of the great things about Miss Ellie’s Coffee is that Miss Ellie herself is deeply dedicated to protecting the environment and treating people right. Perhaps it’s her Southern upbringing that causes her to put people and nature ahead of profits.  As a former schoolteacher, it’s a natural fit for Miss Ellie, who cares deeply for the children of these families. A portion of every sale of Miss Ellie’s Coffee supports her efforts to give these children a better life.