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Miss Ellie's

Miss Ellie's Half and Half Single Cups

Miss Ellie's Half and Half Single Cups

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Miss Ellie's Half and Half Single Cups offer the perfect combination of flavor, convenience, and affordability. Our single-cup coffee delivers a smooth, rich taste with half decaffeinated beans and half lightly roasted brew. Enjoy an aroma that invokes a cozy morning experience with our convenient individual servings.

Made from the finest Arabica beans from around the world, these singular cups provide a full-bodied flavor without all of the extra caffeine content. The complex blend offers notes of floral herbaceousness, fruitiness, and nutty sweetness that linger in enjoyable harmony — without having to make one large pot of coffee or choose between different flavors in each cup.

Miss Ellie's Half and Half Single Cup Coffee puts you in control of your morning routine. This is a great choice if you're short on time but don't want to sacrifice on quality. Perfect for any kitchen at home or work!
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