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Miss Ellies Loose Leaf

Miss Ellie's English Breakfast Tea - 400g Loose Leaf

Miss Ellie's English Breakfast Tea - 400g Loose Leaf

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Miss Ellie's English Breakfast Tea is your new morning drink!

Strong, bold & flavory black tea leaves  - A powerful, rich and fragrant, brilliant liquoring long leaf English tea that is supplied directly from high elevation tea plantations in India. This tea has a bright liquoring and is known for its flavor. A delectable cup of black tea with added caffeine to give your mornings the boost they need. Single-Origin Tea That Is One Hundred Percent Pure and Never Blended. This black tea loose leaf, loose tea can also be used to brew kombucha tea, which is something that cannot be said about organic black teas like Irish morning tea, Scottish breakfast tea, or English breakfast tea decaffeinated.

This tea has a rich body and a full tea flavor profile, making it an ideal morning beverage. Beautifully warm and inviting when served with milk. Despite England's relatively late arrival on the tea scene historically, the habit of tea drinking has become inextricably linked to the country. The first time tea appears in print in the English language is in a dutchman's account of his journey to the east. Dutch ships brought tea to England for the first time. As tea gained popularity in the United Kingdom, the British government was alarmed that a country as small as the Netherlands could control the shipment of the tea to the United Kingdom.

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