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Miss Ellie's

Miss Ellie's 100% Guatemalan Single Cups

Miss Ellie's 100% Guatemalan Single Cups

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Miss Ellie's 100% Guatemalan Single Cups combine the sweetness of Latin America with a bold, robust flavor that’s sure to get you going. Our single cups provide a rich and full-bodied coffee experience. With no additional preservatives, our single cup brews are sure to please even the most discerning coffee lover.
Our variety of unique and delightful notes come from all the farms our single cups originate from. Each bean is carefully selected and blended according to its specific qualities, resulting in an unforgettable cup of joe every time! For those who prefer convenience without sacrificing quality or taste, Miss Ellie’s is the right choice. Our single cups make it easy to brew your own perfect cup of coffee - just add water! No grounds, no mess, just great-tasting coffee quickly and easily enjoyed on-the-go or at home.

Love a good latte? Or how about an especially creamy cappuccino? Once again our single cups save the day — just add your favorite steamed milk for a delicious treat in minutes. The convenience doesn’t end there either – our versatile single cups work great with most Keurig® style brewers for an effortless experience anytime!

Brew good times with Miss Ellie’s Guatemalan Single Cups - let us take care of your coffee needs so we can let you get back to enjoying your life!
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