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Miss Ellie's

Miss Ellie's 100% Costa Rican Single Cups

Miss Ellie's 100% Costa Rican Single Cups

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Miss Ellie's 100% Costa Rican Single Cup Coffee is the perfect addition to any morning routine! Enjoy a smooth, flavorful sip of single-origin coffee each and every day with Miss Ellie's. Our beans are responsibly sourced from the finest farms in Costa Rica and expertly roasted to bring out natural notes of fruit and chocolate, making it an indulgent break that you can feel good about.

The convenient single cups fit right into any Keurig® machine and make brewing a delicious cup of coffee a breeze - no measuring or mess necessary. Cleanup is easy too after your morning “pick-me-up” – just slip the cup out when you're done for zero hassle.

We invite you to hone your barista skills with our single-cup experience; bringing beauty and artistry into the mundane morning routine. Impress friends and family by making their favorite “cuppa” with a unique gourmet treat anytime - hot or cold! Try Miss Ellie's 100% Costa Rican Single Cups today, for an exceptional brew like nothing else!
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